About Us

Our Goal

Music can play an influential part in your mood! Whether you come here sad, stressed, or even ready to take over the world, we aim to provide you a personalized Spotify playlist that will assist you to achieve your desired "vibe" for the day!

Simply click on the icon that you most want to emulate and get started on a short, but tailored, music quiz.

*vibe: a person's emotional state (we always look for some good vibes, hence our name :D)


Meet the Creators

Carolyn Qu

Designed website and logo, implemented animations, and focused on home page content/interactive features. Studying computer science at Yale University (Class of 2024).

Julia Yu

Mainly knows C++ and Python, has had past experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Focused on content on the pages.

Rafael Piloto

Full Stack Developer with a focus on the Backend. Studying Computer Science at Emory University '24


Vyshnavi Rajeevan

Frontend design and music research. Focused on the main page.

Angelyn Domingo

Frontend design and music research. Focused on the resources page.

Elisa Jacobo

Worked mainly on designing the Navigation Bar and Playlist page. Studying computer science and engineering at MIT (Class of 2024).